About us:

The Time Is Now is produced by LINC - Leaders In the New Civilization, a well established 21 year old charitable organization. We welcome your contributions to this educational film that will be gifted to at-risk youth, high schools, colleges and universities around the country and world.

The LINC Organization is dedicated to empowering millions of new leaders with the powerful messages of our film, book and global interactive websites. We educate leaders emerging from everyday people and all walks of life and especially inspire our next generation to live their highest purpose and visions.

Participating Leaders

Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder and Chairman of the BNI global business network, bestselling author and philanthropist

Kenneth Chenault
Chairman & CEO of American Express, philanthropist, speaker

Tony Robbins
World renowned speaker, coach, bestselling author and philanthropist

Jack Canfield
Co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul books, speaker, coach

Bill Gates
Chairman of Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

James Taylor
Legendary singer and activist philanthropist is providing music

Rev. Michael Beckwith
Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center

Cathy Black
President of Hearst Magazines, including Oprah’s O Magazine

Marci Shimoff
Pres. of the Esteem Group, bestselling author, speaker, trainer

Jim White
President and CEO, JL White International, author, speaker, coach

Lisa Nichols
CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, teacher, speaker and bestselling author

Raymond Aaron
Bestselling author, teacher, speaker, international coach

John Gray
Bestselling author of "Men Are From Mars", "Women Are From Venus", speaker

Tom Tierney
President and CEO, Vitatech International, speaker and philanthropist

Janet Atwood
Co-author Passion Test, Pres. Enlightened Alliances, speaker

Freddie Ravel
GRAMMY award Artist/Composer and Founder of "InTuneition”

Dr. Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks
Authors, counselors, teachers, corporate trainers

Stephen M.R. Covey
Author Speed of Trust, CEO of the Covey-Link Consultancy

Paul Scheele
Speaker, author, consultant, co-founder of Learning Strategies

Steward Emery
Executive coach, speaker, bestselling author of "Success Built to Last"

Marie Diamond
Spiritual leader and advisor to world leaders, author, Feng Shui master

Roxanne Emmerich
CEO of Emmerich Group, author, trainer, and speaker

Joan Emery
Co-Founder of Belvedere Consultants, international speaker

Bobbi De Porter
CEO of Quantum Learning Network and SuperCamp, youth educator

Chunyi Lin
Master of Spring Forest Qigong, spiritual healer, teacher and author

James Ray
Teacher of “Harmonic Wealth” seminars, author of "The Power to Win"

Dr. John Demartini
Teacher, healer, speaker, best selling author, philanthropist

Dr Richard Moss, MD
Teacher, best selling author, healer, philosopher

Dr. Shinzen Young
Mindfulness meditation and spiritual teacher

Dr. Chavanna King
Doctor of alternative health, author, speaker, spiritual leader

Marcia Martin
Speaker, author, trainer, CEO of Transformational Leadership Council

Lynne Twist
CEO, Soul of Money Institute, philanthropist, fundraiser, global activist

Hale Dwoskin
CEO of Sedona Training Associates, NY Times bestselling author

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