About the film:

This is a moment in history like no other – the most important time to be alive! This powerful film reveals profound life secrets and the best ideas of the most inspiring leaders of our time. Amidst breathtaking music and visuals of Planet Earth and the Universe are never before seen conversations with world renowned visionaries, inspirational authors, philanthropists, environmentalists and social entrepreneurs – humanitarians who uplift the human spirit!

The Time Is Now presents a very positive futuristic view of what is possible as we call upon our most advanced resources, intelligence, awareness and scientific breakthroughs to make the right choices for our future - and our children’s future!

New discoveries explode onto the screen as leaders reveal their greatest inspiring and uplifting ideas, their deepest personal secrets to life, their most effective healthy practices, along with powerful solutions for global issues that can shift the destiny of our individual lives, our families, businesses, communities, nations and world – to advance our Civilization.

The Time Is Now  is a wakeup call for millions of people around the world. It’s is a catalyst for taking action on solutions to our greatest 21st Century challenges.

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